I am currently the Outfitter Manager at Bent River Outfitter, and I'm looking forward to using this role to pursue community education, outdoor experiences, and ecological thinking in my town.

This page is to post some ideas and work around my job running the adventurous half of Bent River!

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I was able to teach a class on daylily-leaf basketry recently, and it was a lot of fun!

My parents have a ton of daylily eating their backyard - it's ornamental and often invasive - and so I harvested loads of the leaves and let them sit for two weeks.

Once they were crispy and dry, I spritzed them with water for a few minutes. This allows the fibers to become more flexible, and after drying they are much stronger than a fresh leaf.

(Saliva also works to moisten a leaf if one happens to be spritzer-impoverished.)

I found a very goofy craft book for kids that included some daylily techniques, so I set up a one-hour class session at Bent River and went for it!

We had tons of fun and ended up with the beginnings of some wee tiny baskets. I'm looking forward to putting more activities like this on our schedule!