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Experiential Education

In 2021 I graduated from the Experiential Education Graduate Program at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Since I was a teenager, I've worked in all kinds of experiential educational fields, even though I didn't know the term until several years later. I've been a camp counselor, river guide, zoo-worker, science museum presenter, craft educator, afterschool activity facilitator, and literacy coach.

Experiential education, in my experience, is all about the learner learning to take their own experiences seriously. In public school, the raw data of education is the lecture format. Memorization, recitation. Purposefully designed to create obedient, interchangeable, and monocultural students. Experiential education (referred to in the biz as "ex ed") is a head-over-heels flip on that industrial model. Instead, ex ed encourages learners to seek out the truth and the wisdom hidden in their own bodily, emotional, and cognitive experiences. The core of ex ed is a cyclical dance of experience, reflection, action, experience, reflection, action... growing learners into unique, adaptable, confident, exciting, and self-reflective human beings prepared for the high wyrdness of the coming century.

Now you know what this is all about, please enjoy my homework.

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