I've been doing lots of garden planning lately, but I'm getting frustrated with trying to learn from books and websites. A garden is relational, and spatial, and visual - very unlike the spreadsheets of numbers and depths and dates on a seed packet!

So I'm working on a few tools to make things easier for myself and, maybe, for you.

All these projects are in progress and certainly not thorough - stay tuned!


This is a companion planting visualizer for finding relationships between your fruits and vegetables. Many plants can overcome pests, outgrow weeds, improve flavor, and more when grouped with friendly plants. The Three Sisters is a classic example of companion plants growing into much more than the sum of their parts.


A planting calendar! When to germinate seeds inside? When to transplant them outside? When to direct seed into the soil? When to harvest? It is so tricky to plan that all together! Hopefully this can help.


All plants like a little elbow room, but everyone is different. Especially when companion planting, it is good to know how close each plant wants to be.