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Sunday Sites

This is Jake's user page for Sunday Sites, a monthly gathering for exploring the joy and terror of HTML and CSS.

Each month has a certain theme, chosen by the facilitator Tiana.

Do note that all of these are optimized for a computer, not really for mobile!

August 2022: Reflection

Playing around with the idea of reflection as both reflective writing and reflective mirroring. On this page, each image provides a small text prompt for the user to write a bit. Then, the next image on the page recontextualizes the text to mean something perhaps quite different. On it goes until the end of the page and the end of the game.

July 2022: Ephemeral

I've been learning so much about gardening this year, and I've been struggling to find a way to communicate what I know. I also wanted to learn more about toggling bits and bytes of information using just HTML and CSS.

June 2022: Village

Inspired by the findings at Skara Brae and my personal Neolithic yearnings. A website meant to evoke a wall of stacked stone and all the stories it might hold.

If you are unfamiliar, this here is Skara Brae:

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