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My name is Jake Fee, and you are currently enjoying my personal website. Please, make yourself at home. If it's your first time here, drop me a note! I'd love to hear from you. Or, get some popcorn and stop by the secret theater.

Stay as long as you like.

The Résumé of Jake Fee

My history, my future.

My Substack

Ecology, magick, and learning-by-doing.

Leave a Note!

A guest journal at this edge of the webscape.

Gnostic Technology

A small group of friends that explore the intersection of the digital world and occult practice. We just published our first zine!

The Secret Theater

Stop by for a bootleg viewing and a chat over popcorn!

Sunday Sites

A monthly get-together of HTML and CSS nerds.

Field Gossip

Drama from over yonder.

Better Living Through Alchemy

I wrote an essay, and now it's in a book!

Experiential Education

A reservoir of my graduate degree work.

Fantastic Beasts for the Home and Garden

My project-based anti-anthropocentric course on building community through ecology.


Self-experimentation towards lucidity and vibrant sleep.


My adventure into stone-age craft.

Constructing a Language

A grammar, a grammarie, a grimoire.

Communal Whiteboard

Real-time doodling with friends!


Some visualizations for garden planning.

The Cyber Loom

Warp and weft in silico!

Online Games for Kids

Cool games for hot days!

Space Invaders

The classic, but with circles.

Ludum Vitae

Cellular automata experimentation.


Arboreal typesetting?


A tarot-inspired tool for inspiring creative tech projects.

Click Here If Bored

Instant solutions for your time-killing needs, guaranteed.


Collections of quotables extracted from readables.


Bold lines, odd capitalization.

You'll notice there are no advertisements, likes, feeds, pop-ups, clickbaits, or paywalls on this website. There are a few algorithms here and there but they mostly keep themselves entertained. I crafted this site by hand with the intention of making a calm, quiet, and friendly space for kind and brilliant people like you.

This website was made with hands.

Some people call this sort of website a digital garden, because it is organic, slow-growing, and cultivates a tan and good-looking community. I think the metaphor is wonderful.